Personal Injury

If you or a loved one are injured or killed because of someone else's negligence, you may be entitled to recover monetary damages.  This includes:

Auto Collisions

Motorcycle Collisions

Trucking Collisions

Wrongful Death

Civil Mediation

You have the right to let a jury decide your case ... BUT juries are unpredictable and, while they try, they do not always get it right!

Mediation puts the power to resolve your case in your hands in an informal setting where you are the decision maker.  And many courts now require mediation.

Mike Burns is a Court Approved Civil Mediator, approved by Kentucky's Administrative Office of the Courts.

Criminal Law

Are you due in court for a traffic violation, no insurance or DUI?  I can help!

I Work for YOU

I'm Mike Burns and I want to work for you!

I am an experienced litigation attorney and have practiced statewide in Kentucky since 2004.  I spent 11 years primarily working for insurance companies and I know what they are looking for and how they value your case.  I can use that experience to make your case more valuable.

That same experience helps me as a Mediator to help litigants compromise and come to an agreement to settle your case.

And, as a retired deputy sheriff, I am able to put my past experience to work for you in getting you the best outcome for you in the courtroom.


Next Steps...

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